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Vision & Principles


Our Vision...


To contribute to the improvement of the health and the quality of life of our fellow citizens, by providing medical technologies and products distinguished by an outstanding degree of innovation, quality, safety, reliability and effectiveness.

To be for our customers and their patients, an unsurpassed leader and supreme benchmark for our reliability, integrity, moral behavior, efficiency, dedication and continuous improvement.

To be for our employees an unrivaled and remarkable organization, characterized by an environment that fosters respect for people, security, care, team-work, fun and opportunities for personal development, excellence, contribution and reward.


Our Principles...


Respect for people, society and environment.

Ethos, integrity, transparency, responsibility, honesty, discreetness.

Leadership, innovation, speed, quality, improvement, change, consistency, effectiveness, reliability, stability.

Team spirit, collaboration, mutual respect, methodology, motivation, fairness, development, reward.