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Corporate Social Responsibility


The firm undertakes its business activities always with immense respect to citizens and society, the natural environment and culture.

Natural Environment

  • Promoting awareness of employees regarding issues relating to the protection of the environment
  • Providing financial aid to support areas which have been affected by natural disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes
  • Promoting activities which contribute to a greener environment and recycling programs
  • Implementing programs of environmental certification, minimization of energy utilization and using bioclimatic premises
  • Providing financial support and facilitation to actions aiming at the protection and promotion of our natural resources and heritage

Social Environment

  • Providing free products to low income patients
  • Supporting charitable and philanthropic activities
  • Supporting programs to promote arts, heritage and culture

Child, Maternity & Motherhood

  • Providing financial support to charitable organizations relating with activities to children support
  • Promoting effective participation of employees in charitable activities relating children
  • Providing assistance and support to children and grandchildren of company employees
  • Supporting employees throughout maternity and motherhood with various programs

Working Environment

Fostering an organizational culture which promotes employee participation to

  • Voluntary blood donation
  • Charitable activities
  • Ban of smoking
  • Sports and fitness activities
  • Healthy diet and life

Employee support with

  • Programs aiming to assist coping with the increasing cost of living
  • Ad hoc financial support to manage implications of natural disasters
  • Supplementary comprehensive health and life insurance programs
  • Regular corporate social and cultural events and activities