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Business Ethics Policy


The reputation of PSIMITIS S.A. for legal, moral and ethical behavior is one of the company’s most valuable assets. This reputation is built upon a policy of strict compliance with the law and the conduct of the business with the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior. The company mission statement, the values and the present Code of Business Conduct (The Code) provide the guidance essential for success as a premier provider of cardiovascular medical products in Greece.

The present Code is intended to inform employees and third parties of the legal and ethical obligations and the commitments of The Company to its customers, employees and community in general. Given the legal and regulatory complexity of today’s medical markets it is essential to have such a guiding line, which must be conformed and adhered by all personnel across the Company hierarchy from bottom to the very top.

Psimitis Management is responsible for setting the standards of business conduct contained in this Code and updating these standards as it deems appropriate to reflect changes in the legal and regulatory framework and rules, the business practices and the prevailing ethical standards of the community. It is the individual responsibility of each employee to comply with this Code.

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