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Work Environment


The company maintains a warm and friendly work environment, characterized with confidence, security and fosters employee sharing and commitment to company vision, principles and goals. Transparent, sincere and open communication, promotes mutual respect, trust and a collaborative and productive environment.

All employees have access and work within:

  • “Green” building facilities featuring the latest security systems
  • Work stations and offices with natural lighting and airing
  • State-of-the-art equipment and infrastructures
  • Training facilities equipped with a Smart Board interactive screen
  • Personal complementary insurance and access to medical services
  • Flexible working hours and additional absence leaves


The company supports the organic development and growth of employees, promoting and investing in their continuous education and specialization. Hence, the company is committed to providing:


  • Evaluation and skills development
  • Individual and team training programs
  • Mentoring and coaching programs
  • Constant rotation and job enrichment programs
  • Equality of treatment and lack of discriminations


To ensure and guarantee employee safety and health, the firm promotes and universally enforces various measures and policies, developed and monitored by specially trained occupation safety experts, in order to eliminate occupation hazards. Apart for complying with safety standards, the work environment is pleasant and clean featuring modern equipment and furniture. Moreover, the company offers abundant space and related facilities, new vehicles and generous compensation benefits.

In line with its values, PSIMITIS S.A. is continuously trying to reduce energy utilization and to promote the protection of environment by sensitizing employees on issues and practices such as: 

  • Recycling of paper, glass, aluminum, batteries, appliances, lamps, inks and all other recyclable materials
  • Regular service maintenance and replacement of company cars with those for latest green technologies
  • Active participation in programs offered by the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation and use of material which carry Green Dot certification Certified
  • Environmental Management System to the standard EN ISO14001: 2004