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As a young man in the cardiovascular surgery business I set out across Southern Europe in 1968 to find the best dealers for our company, Sarns Inc.
At the time we designed and manufactured the world's finest heart-lung machines, and we desired people who would represent us according to our standards.
This included sales, training of nurses and technicians and equipment service.
In Athens I meticulously interviewed six dealers in the medical device field, most of whom had been in business many years.
One young man was comparatively new in our kind of business, and he impressed me as no others did with his spirit, evident dedication to all of our needs and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
His name was Thanos Psimitis.
We wisely appointed Thanos to represent us in Greece,
his company prospered and we became, first, staunch business allies and, then, enduring friends who could discuss Greek Mythology as easily as our mutual business affairs.
The organization which Thanos Psimitis built was destined to survive him because of its quality throughout and the family leadership he instilled.
And, thus, we see the Psimitis name still prominent in the Grecian medical community after 55 years...and someone else will surely be extolling the virtues of this fine company after another 55 years.